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About Innovative Counseling


Welcome to Innovative Counseling & Consulting, Inc. (ICC) and thank you for your interest in our outpatient behavioral health services. The fact that you are accessing our website may mean that you or a loved one is suffering. If this is the case, please know that you have come to a place of understanding, healing and hope. ICC is recognized for providing effective treatment for individuals and families suffering from an array of behavioral health concerns. We are located in the beautiful midtown area of Memphis, Tennessee. ICC provides a simple admission process to determine the length of stay and level of care appropriate for each individual’s needs.

Our staff is trained in dealing with clients who have a co-occurring disorder (both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder). At ICC we except co-occurring disorders as the norm rather than the exception.

In accordance with Innovative Counseling and Consulting, Inc. core values of dignity, integrity, hope, excellence, action, and innovation, we welcome all clients and participants regardless of the challenges or problems they face. We expect many of the individuals that present at our programs may have co-occurring disorders and we will screen for those disorders. We provide life enhancing recovery options including integrated services related to alcohol and drug addiction and other behavioral health disorders. Our goal is to maintain an empathic, ethical, responsive, and professional attitude in all phases of care and we are dedicated to creating an environment of opportunity, choice, and hope.

All persons seeking services will be received in a welcoming and respectful manner, regardless of presenting needs, symptoms, or illness. We adhere to a “No Wrong Door” approach in order to remove barriers to care and services. The staff of Innovative Counseling and Consulting, Inc. will aid all persons in navigating the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug, and Medical treatment systems. Our outreach is a system-based effort and as a result of advocacy and referral, individual needs are addressed either by our direct services or by a collaborating provider within the human services community. Our philosophy is to ensure that individuals receive all the services that they need and for which they are eligible.

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If you or someone you love is in need of substance abuse or co-occurring disorder treatment, or if you have questions regarding treatment, give us a call at (901) 276-0220.


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